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Rural atmosphere and
Large nipples are erotic.

Fumika Nakayama(中山ふみか)

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FANZA Link to works page→巨乳カノジョとヤリまくる巣ごもり温泉旅行濃厚こってり淫れる一泊二日 中山ふみか
  • Date of birth:1997年09月05日
  • stature:150cm
  • B:93(H)
  • W:60
  • H:87

It's a very cute face, but…
A bit of a country atmosphere and
Most appealing of all.
Unbalanced with the face

Large areola

FANZA Link to works page→家、いきなり行ってイイですか? ボイン大好きクンのお宅へ突撃デリバリーSEX!! パフパフしながらイカせてアゲる!! 中山ふみか
FANZA Link to works page→禁欲巨乳騎乗位 彼氏と別れて帰省中の欲求不満な幼馴染(1コ上)に馬乗られて毎日交尾漬け 中山ふみか

Nice nipple rings.

Nasty, young face
Best for.↓

FANZA Link to works page→同窓会NTR 巨乳カノジョの最低最悪ネトラレ 中山ふみか
FANZA Link to works page→同窓会NTR 巨乳カノジョの最低最悪ネトラレ 中山ふみか

Buttocks are whip-smart, too.↓

FANZA Link to works page→同窓会NTR 巨乳カノジョの最低最悪ネトラレ 中山ふみか

short and narrow
H-cup&huge breasts
And a young face.
Extremely large areola
It's the most erotic thing I've ever seen.

Recommended works are listed below.
Check it out if you are interested.

同窓会NTR 巨乳カノジョの最低最悪ネトラレ 中山ふみか

※FANZA Exclusive Distribution.

家、いきなり行ってイイですか? ボイン大好きクンのお宅へ突撃デリバリーSEX!! パフパフしながらイカせてアゲる!! 中山ふみか

※FANZA Exclusive Distribution.

禁欲巨乳騎乗位 彼氏と別れて帰省中の欲求不満な幼馴染(1コ上)に馬乗られて毎日交尾漬け 中山ふみか

※FANZA Exclusive Distribution.

Personally, I like ② the best.
It's private, raw and erotic.
① also like the short hair, very attractive!

We hope we can be of service to you.

Thank you for your patience to the end.
See you soon.

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